A comic about life, love, death, and expectation, in about three colors.
Sir, I must say I'm a bit nonplussed.You have no party affiliation andyour ideals are hardly in line withthis office. You have no experienceand no education beyond highschool. So what on Earth qualifiesyou to be a political strategist? Pursuant to the president's assertionof executive privilege, I respectfullydecline to answer at this time. Hmmm. Job search is gettingdesperate. : : . Pop Culture Tragedy . : : . "Values" . : : . 8.15.2007 . : :



Obviously, I didn’t really interview as a replacement for Karl Rove. This is what is we call artistic license. To be certain, though, I’d be an amazing political strategist. For one, I am diametrically opposed to virtually all of the core beliefs held by the president so I would bring indispensable perspective. Likewise, I could focus on spin and manipulation without being blinded by conviction.

But to be sure, my job search has compelled me to consider a fair amount of moral compromise and integrity whoring. For instance, on the day in question I visited several Mormon-run Marriott properties. Who says you can’t put a price on values? Of course I also applied at a strip club, so my prospects aren’t entirely without hope.

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