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Like I'd be stupid enough toeat the magnets. Those have been recalled,you know. It's going to take a lot more thananti-Chinese propaganda tokeep me from playing withBarbies. : : . Pop Culture Tragedy . : : . "Toy Story" . : : . 8.15.2007 . : :

Toy Story


Kevin and I routinely get into cynical discussions on propaganda, genocide, global stupidity. The gratuitously publicized recalls of toys (mostly) of Chinese manufacture is downright silly. Edible magnets? The Barbie toy, for example, has a small magnet about the size of a watch battery that connects the poop to the pooper scooper. (I won’t even address the issue of why little girls would want to simulate the experience of cleaning canine bowel movements.) Now, in order for the magnets to be harmful, a child has to be stupid enough to swallow both of them. I have a hard time understanding why any child of the age suggested on the box would eat one, let alone two. Unless, of course, they already have brain damage from eating plastic jewelry that was coated in lead paint…

I played with Barbies as a kid because all of my friends were girls. Of course, back then the toys weren’t sophisticated enough to be made of anything other than rubber and plastic. But I certainly don’t recall any of us trying to eat them. That’s what PlayDough was for!

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