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It's sad when a guy like the Blue Falconis outshined by his mentally retardeddog sidekick. I wonder, do children evenknow what a dynamo is?

Saturday Morning


Dynomutt has always irritated me, but because it is animated, I am powerless to turn it off. When I was little, I hated it because it cut into precious Scooby Doo time. Now I am more learned and sophisticated, so I hate it for different reasons.

David shares my contempt, but for his own reasons. He says I made him look like a superficial fanboy, when really he was just being cleverly sarcastic. But hey, I call it like I see it. The panel does not lie.

I suspect you hate Dynomutt too. That’s understandable. You should ill treat the mechanically retarded.

Please rotate your tiny device.