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Squirrel distracted me. Dork. Mmm... yeah, it has beenway too long since I've skated. Ishould go to the beach. Wow, you skateboard?! D'Lanie? Skateboarder? No! Rollerskates! When I was little, I hadthis Shaun Cassidy baby blue satinjacket I'd wear with my skates. My hero was a guy I nicknamed Fro, and hewore an avocado green unitard satin leisure suit.His skate covers matched the skating rink! You,my friend, have quite a legacy to live up to!

Roller Boogie


I am not inline with inline skating. I will never accept rollerblades. Rollerskates are the only way to go. I actually have a pair, though I replaced the wheels and bearings with skateboard parts. And holy frijoles are they ever fast! To be honest, I’m afraid of their power. Little kids will laugh at me.

D’Lanie has switched to blades. Said the decision came with age. Bah! Quitter. Girl, blades are blasé, not blaze. Besides, you’d look like an idiot wearing a Shaun Cassidy jacket with rollerblades.

Kids these days… What can you do?

Please rotate your tiny device.