A comic about life, love, death, and tomfoolery, in about three colors.
Pubis Ilium Ischium I can't figure out why there is always so muchfuss made over theropods. Oooh, Tyrannosaurusrex is soooo fierce! Humbug. It's all about theornithopods. Now, Iguanodon, he was a cool cat,a real Cretaceous-era Joe Camel. Although it was from theropods likeDeinonychus that birds eventuallyevolved, so I suppose some of theattention is warranted. Still... Shhh. Stop talking. Shhh! I havean idea. Let's talk about me. Yeah?I'm much, much more interesting.



There are many reasons why I persist in loving Sisly. Chiefly among them is her apparent patience for my dorkiness.

I say apparent because it is completely plausible she is merely humoring me.

Regardless, I can rattle off on this or that phylogeny or this or that algorithm and she’ll just sit there, smiling, staring innocently with her deep black eyes, for a moment or two before ordering me to silence.

And a moment or two is all it takes to satisfy my need to expound irrelevance.

Such moments may seem fleeting, but I relish them wholeheartedly as they are a luxury the likes of which no other relationship has proffered.

Perhaps Sisly finds me entertaining as one would dressing a chimpanzee in a cowboy hat. Hehe. Silly monkey thinks he’s people.

Perhaps her response is similar to the way in which I admire the delicate, fairy bounce to her step.

Or perhaps it gives her time to reflect on her day without me interrupting.


Yeah… I love that girl.

Please rotate your tiny device.