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( Josh Stoik ) It is within the rights of privatebusinesses to discriminate. Theairline industry, however, enjoysa great deal of governmentoversight, regulation, andsubsidy, as would a publicinstitution. In short, theambiguity releases them ofculpability to either standard.As legislative distinction isunlikely, the best course ofaction is monetary; simplychoose an alternate carrier. Should SouthWest have a say inhow its customers dress? JoshStoik writes in... It begins. Mwahaha...

Mayor of the House


Television is a strange addiction, and one so inherent most people fail to notice its existenZ at all. It wasn’t a Kill Your TV bumper sticker that made me give it all up. Rather, it was simple physics. Simple in that I did not have room enough to drag my black and white Dae Woo television all the way to California. I figured I’d get another soon enough.

But I didn’t.

I have been without television for four years now.

One thing I hadn’t counted on was the alienation such a move would cause. People watch TV. Whether they realize it or not, everyone is semi-conscious of the latest celebrity shenanigans and true crime epics and clever advertisements. It permeates all aspects of society. Television is unifying as a religion or political party or race or creed. Not what you watch, just that you watch.

And I’m on the outside.

It is not my intention to argue for or against television. I am simply observing that by not having a television, I am even stranger than normal.


Please rotate your tiny device.