A comic about life, love, death, and computers, in about three colors.
Today I realized I have 8½ hoursof Butthole Surfers music... ...pi would be a rational numberin a Base-pi numbering system... ...cutaneous gas exchange wouldbe more efficient if I was naked... ...forgeous is not a word, butit should be...



Here’s an idea: Take a day off. Call in sick to work or school, throw your phone in the freezer, trip the breakers, shoot anyone who knocks at your door, and sit, contemplate, let your mind wander.

You’ll be amazed what you come up with.

It is such a shame to galumph through life taking everything for granted. It’s as if civilization largely stopped thinking with the collapse of ancient Greece.

Here’s something to get you started: When staring up at the clouds, chances are you’ll see things like faces and animals, but you’ll never see a bowl of pasta or a turkey sandwich. Why?

I know the answer, but I’ll let you try to figure it out. It’ll be fun. Really.

And remember, curiosity did/didn’t kill Schrödinger’s cat.

Please rotate your tiny device.