A comic about life, love, death, and nature, in about three colors.
I have been through a lot inmy twenty odd years on thisplanet. Friends and lovers pass withthe seasons, memories fade andemotions dull. But through it all, the sun stillrises, cigarettes and coffeeremain blissfully united... ...and I still have my blanket.

Linus Heart


My aunt has this magical talent of being able to find a children’s book on any conceivable subject. She asked me once what I would like to read about, and I said, “A book about a kid named Josh and his blanket.”

Somehow she found it.

I raced through the pages, positively ecstatic. But then it said something horrible, that part of growing up is learning to sleep without a blanket, because if you didn’t, it would tear to shreads and waste away to nothing.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

I hated that book.

I still sleep with my blanket. My grandmother, my mother and I have all taken turns resewing the edges. It is now a permanent greyish off-white and smells more like me than I do. But it’s sinful softness still helps me fall asleep.

Stupid book.

Please rotate your tiny device.