Almond Joy

Most people complain of the monotony of life. But every once in a while a bit of surreality or super-reality is slipped into the mix. Most people go out of their way to ignore it. An obstacle to complacency.

Silly people!

When a cliché manifests itself, one must pay strict attention and appreciate the moment fully.

For instance: I met a smiley, wrinkly, leathery old man and his smiley, wrinkly old dog. The man identified himself cheerfully as an almond farmer and asked if I wouldn't like to sample his crop.

I took an almond and tasted it. It tasted like an almond.

The man ran through his pitch with verbose enthusiasm reminiscent of a bygone era. The encounter reeked of Americana, conjuring images of Norman Rockwell paintings and white-capped milk delivery men and mothers in aprons stirring cake batter.

I purchased a five pound bag for $15. I have no idea if that was a good deal as I've never purchased almonds before. I think I once bought a can of mixed nuts, though.