Apocalypse Now

I can't help but feel duped.

Martin Scorsese's Casino seemed, well, engaging.

I gave up working for myself to pursue a life of adventure, social interaction. Being in Las Vegas, it seemed obvious to seek employ among one of the millions of ridiculous hotel/casinos.

Which is what I did.

Yet somehow, I can't help but feel as though hermitude was more exciting. Two weeks in, I have yet to meet any mobsters, prostitutes, gang bangers, ballers, senators, rock stars. In fact, I have yet to meet any people.

Boredom comes to mind. Haha.

My idle genius has been routed to the careful art of looking busy. And while deception is my forte, closed circuit performance art is far less fulfilling than manipulation and puppeteering.

Oh well. There's always death to look forward to, right?