It Happened One Night

My inner optimist wanted to title this comic It's a Wonderful Life.

My inner pessimist voted for You Can't Take it With You.

I can't remember the future, and anything is possible, so I compromised on the title, drawing from the past. It did happen one night. Boom. Love. What should have been an interesting and fleeting affair took on an unexpectedly complicated dimension. And with hindsight mounting, it seems less and less real.

My inner pragmatist is trying to convince me that this is my last chance. One last hurrah to win over Sisly's heart once and for all. It's gotta be a good sign that my every-other-day schedule happened to fall on her birthday. That's gotta count for something, right?


It's a good thing I'm cute, talented, and super-intelligent! And frugal, responsible, independent, cuddly, strong, romantic. And modest. Can't forget that.