Haven't you heard? Acronyms are the new yellow Power Ties! They look great on paper, anyway. After all, isn't that why cubicle-dwelling bureaucracy exists?

Trouble is, acronyms have always been a game of sorts for me. Automatic, at that. I see something like L.E.A.R.N., and even though I know somewhere in my subconscious I've suppressed its real meaning, I can't help but invent, on the spot, something else. Lethargic Egotists Are Ruining Neptune. Now how the hell is that supposed to help me comfort a guest whose television remote needs new batteries?

I'd rather wear a gaudy, yellow tie.

But, such is the price when working for the man, right? The game is deception. All I have to do is apply the same set of skills used when dealing with clients to my management, and everyone wins. Except my soul. Haha.