Quantum Prospects

The sun never quite made an appearance today, which was unusual. If anything, it usually overstays its welcome in the sweltering desert region I inhabit. Anyway, as a result, I caught a few extra hours of sleep and spent several minutes trying to understand why my clock and the half-light filtered through the blinds weren't in agreement. I was still dwelling on the subject well into my first pot of coffee.

Some hours later, it occurred to me that nineties grunge slacker nihilism and misapplied (macroscopic) quantum field theory is a marriage never fully embraced by the web comic world. Ironically, I set out to change this.

True story: I was going to have the Planck constant tattooed as a band around my arm. I settled instead for the square root of two because irrational numbers are sexier.

I like to think that by comparison, I make the editorial cartoons in the New Yorker seem downright lowbrow. Haha.