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Look, I had intended to do something special for the100th comic, really, it's just... No reason they have to know Ihad no plans whatsoever. They'restupid readers, easy to fool. A MacGuffin, that's the ticket. Something cute and random.Björk but fuzzier... slacker

Best Laid Plans


It is hard to believe I’ve reached a hundred comics already. It is even harder to believe I’ve reached a hundred comics without once missing a deadline or abandoning the project altogether in pursuit of some other ill-conceived creative endeavor.


I could go on about how wonderfully productive and clever I am, but instead I will take this opportunity to belittle you, dear reader, directly and downplay the significance of this alleged milestone.

I mean, really, so we happen to have a base-10 numbering system, and this happens to fall on a nice round number. There are plenty of other great systems: binary; hex; the ancient Egyptians had a base-12 system (hence our 24 hour day).

In short, your excitement is just narrow-mindedness.

Go and feel bad about yourself for caring.

Please rotate your tiny device.