A comic about life, love, death, and eloquence, in about three colors.
For some reason I have beenreceiving a lot of bitter andunsolicited design "advice". I'm sorry. Does it confuse youwhen I rotate a panel 180°? Here, is this better?Would you prefer Iput something inthe white space?

The Shades of Night Descending


Sadly, hatemail isn’t what it used to be. In the early days of the internet, having a website about anything guaranteed you vile spewings from myriad unloved nerds. But now it takes a little doing.

Personally, I consider Pop Culture Tragedy rather mild. I consciously avoid nudity, shits and fucks in the comics themselves. But humor is always offensive to someone, and I’ve been secretly hoping my knocks at bureaucratic charity and creationism would generate some negative feedback.

To date, I haven’t received anything along those lines.

But strangely, I have received four emails from different designers criticizing my site’s layout. Apparently the “inverted [objects are] juvenile” and “distracting”, my margins make the text difficult to read, and my “sense of balance is quite poor.” They had nothing to say one way or the other about the comic, which is actually rather irritating.

Maybe it is. What do I know about spatial relations and color theory? I certainly don’t have any fancy art school debt or a fake degree to justify my artistic decisions. Shit, all I have to go on is natural and unfailing genius.

Douchebags. Haha.

Please rotate your tiny device.