A comic about life, love, death, and culture, in about three colors.
Nevada Palace So this place isclosing, huh? Can't go crying 'bout it. That's Las Vegasfor ya. Honey, I started out, well, yearsago as a cabaret girl in Stardust. Thosewere the days. I was quite the looker. Can I keep this ashtray? You on drugs son? Them ain'teven got our name on 'em.

End of Days


RIP Nevada Palace.

Having an ancient and decrepit casino in my backyard was more than just convenient, it was a way of life.


Gone are the days of $1.99 breakfast specials, parking lot brawls, old waitresses and bartenders that call me Honey, and vehicle collisions outside my apartment complex.

As of February 29th, they are no more. Like everything else in this city, they will be imploded and turned into a larger, more expensive casino.

At least I have the memories and an unbranded ashtray.

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