A comic about life, love, death, and mysticism, in about three colors.
Bzzzzz Time was, a sinus headache waseasily cured with some over-the-counter cold medicine. But thanks to the pseudoephedrinelegislation passed a couple yearsago, regular medicine is useless. Short of sweet, merciful death,I am left with two choices: Icould drill a hole in my headto relieve the pressure. Or I could pull out my Breedersrecords and expirment withdangerous designer drugs. Asdfjkl...



You know, I sure am glad the Bush administration decided to make us all safer by enacting strict controls on the use of pseudoephedrines in pharmaceuticals. I know I feel safe and happy knowing that the illegal drug trade has been stopped right in its tracks!

Well, I’m feeling safe and happy when I am not crippled with the sensation that bonobos are wildly fucking each other inside my skull.

But I digress.

When I was in California I had cheap and easy access to Ecstasy, which did the trick and then some. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet teamed up with Bonanza Jellybean in my desert hideaway so I may have to pull out the drill.


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