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So have you asked the cutesandwich shop girl out yet? No, not yet. A hungry familyrobbed us of our chit chat time.I think we're star crost lo'ers. Star crossed loafers? Starch crust loafers even. O' cutesandwich shop girl, lettuce throwcumin to the wind! Next week...

Lovers of the Arctic Circle


Every Friday I make the pilgrimage to Port of Subs (comparable to Subway but cheaper and fresher) for my two-foot tuna sandwich. And every Friday the same cute Hungarian gypsy girl from Ohio smiles awkwardly and puts together my order.

Our relationship is like a serial, split into two-minute weekly segments. It’s surprisingly difficult to fish out likes, dislikes, availability, etc., from such encounters. And the variable foot traffic complicates things further. Stupid paying customers.

Next week…

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