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In the Ordovician a day lasted just under twentyhours. The moon is receding at about an inchor two a year, and the earth's rotation is slowing. Yet somehow it's Monday already.

I Don’t Like Mondays


Every morning I wake up before my alarm, just long enough to wonder what time it is and if there’s still time to catch some more dreams, before my brain is shattered by its infernal buzzing.

Unable to return to sleep, I often lie and gather my thoughts. You know, important thoughts like the length of the days sea scorpions would have had to contend with.

Every hundred thousand years or so, the length of a day on our humble planet increases about two to four seconds. While this does indeed increase the weekend by upwards of eight seconds, it also increases the work week by as much as twenty seconds.

Oh well, this is why we have leap seconds.

Please rotate your tiny device.