A comic about life, love, death, and sarcasm, in about three colors.
I grew up, moved clear acrossthe country, got tattooed, andbecame a comic character. But judging from the server logs,my mom is still my biggest fan. I suppose she's just glad I didn'tfulfill my childhood dream ofbecoming a shoe salesman. The 1980s.

Mommy Dearest


Most kids want to be an astronaut, or president, or Peter Pan. I had enough support that I knew I could do or be anything in life. If prodded, I could answer without hesitation: I want to be a shoe salesman.

I loved going to the shoe store. I would ask the salesman all sorts of questions. Where do you keep the shoes? Why do you measure both feet? Which shoes are the best?

It was eventually broken to me, in that gentle but firm manner parents have, that selling shoes would not necessarily be the healthiest of career choices. I couldn’t see why not, but I figured they must be right, so I decided I wanted to be a garbage man instead.

Somewhere along the way I got all turned around, and now I’m a character in a web comic instead. Life is strange that way. But as the saying goes: Hold onto your hat, we could end up miles from here!

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