A comic about life, love, death, and baths, in about three colors.
*struggle* *gasp* *cough* Only the sorrowful shells oflifeless beings patronizeBlockbuster Video, gazingwith their dead eyes at wallsof generic, censored newreleases, stuttering throughchapped lips and crookedteeth as they read aloud thetitles to the atrophied corpsesthey keep as companions. I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man.

The Searchers


I believe Faust said it best:

If feeling fails you, vain will be your course,
And idle what you plan unless your art
Springs from the soul with elemental force
To hold its sway in every listening heart.

I am saddened to think children will grow up never knowing the comfort, the joy, of holding in their hands a cassette manufactured by Magnetic Video Corp, never knowing there was once a time in which all boxes were porn-sized, and all videos, big and small, were important additions to a store’s inventory.

For a year, a month, and a handful of days the only video stores I could find in Las Vegas were Blockbuster or Hollywood. Rather than prostitute myself, I turned to a life of crime. But then, one day, salvation, selection, safety.

Las Vegas does have a video store!

UPDATE 2015-10-02

Not anymore.  Haha.

Please rotate your tiny device.