A comic about life, love, death, and geometry, in about three colors.
Kate, my love! Arg! I hate that hat! It makes you lookway too much like Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones wears aleather hat. This is felt. I don't care! Take it off. You'reembarrassing. The brim istoo big. You look stupid. Oh how I've missed you. I'm bored of you already. At Chicago's Midway Airport.



Followed by:

K: Ready?
J: I have to get my bag.
K: Oh my God, are you serious?
J: Yeah.
K: Why did you check a bag?
J: Because you told me to bring my skateboard.
K: Ug.
J: You really don’t like this hat?
K: No! It’s giving me Billy Jack flashbacks!
J: [haha]
K: I hate it.
J: But you said just the other day how you wished men still wore hats…
K: Well, not you.

We’re so fucking adorable. Haha.

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