A comic about life, love, death, and reflection, in about three colors.
And so Josh discovers "working vacations" actually entail work. Woe is me.

The Net


It’s true. I’m sexy, smart, capable. Myrna Loy is waiting patiently for me in the afterlife. I work a fake job and have an endless stash of coffee and cigarettes at my disposal.

My vacation was a “working vacation”. Sounds simple enough, right? Laptop + internet + coffee + cigarettes here and there throughout the week = work, the remainder = vacation.

Apparently the mind hears “vacation” and joyfully drowns out the rest. The reality was ten, eleven, twelve hour days working, with only the two or three CDs I remembered to pack helping pass the time, the idle hours then spent too tired to gallivant with drug-addicted pixies and bobby-soxers into the next day’s sunrise.

Some days I’d give anything to be a coal miner.

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