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Field Museum EEEEEeeeee!!!!! I missed you Mister Dunkleosteus! Wooo!!!

Walking With Prehistoric Beasts


A few years ago I came to Chicago under the guise of visiting friends and family, but truth be told, I came because the Field Museum had a temporary exhibit called Evolving Planet, which as far as these installations go, was one of the world’s best.

My acquaintances may have waited a year or two, but these fossils had waited hundreds of millions!

Needless to say, the Field Museum was on my list of things to do this time around. Most everything on my to-do list was tentative. In fact, everything was. Except this. Live or die, I was going to the fucking Field Museum.

I asked Kate and all her “we live in Chicago” friends, “Is Evolving Planet still at the Field Museum?” None of them knew. Not one.

Turns out my sister had to visit a museum for school (though as it turned out, not this one), so I dragged her and her boyfriend with me. Turns out Chicago has stolen yet another traveling exhibit; Evolving Planet is now a permanent installation.


We spent hours walking through it as I stopped to point out everything featured, and everything not, acting curator to my sister, her boyfriend, and any tourist wandering too close.

I love the Field Museum.

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