A comic about life, love, death, and paneling, in about three colors.
The dinosaurs lived long, long ago. More than twohundred million years ago the first dinosaur appeared.About sixty-five million years ago, the last of themdisappeared. That is a long, long time ago. It is hardfor us even to imagine such a long time, but let us try... ...The end. You likedthat story, huh?

Higher Learning


Australian Cattle dogs are a smart fucking breed. It only took Dagon a couple days to learn the names of his toys (ring, rope, sock, ball, bone), the difference between “outside” and “inside”, and “cookie” versus “jerky”.

I am also suspicious that he is already fully house-trained, and the accidents are anything but. Then again, I wouldn’t be too anxious to pee under the desert sun either.

I bought a crate with the intention to crate-train him, but he’s having none of it. I had to lock him up so I could clean up his doggie diarrhea, and he undid the latch. And that was that.

As I’m posting this he’s biting my shirt as he wants to play. While I am indebted to you, loyal readers, you aren’t fuzzy, and frankly fuzzy wins.

Oh, and before I go I should point out this comic marks the one year anniversary of Pop Culture Tragedy. Woo!

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