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Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Why didn't I call off work? That should have been me. *sigh* Stupid Jaimie. I was supposedto be Josh's museum buddy. That should be me in the comic. That should be me. Damn.

All That Could Have Been


Matty and I had planned to visit the Field Museum, but like most plans, it was no more specific than, “Let’s go to the Field Museum!” Once I had actually arrived in Chicago, we discovered our schedules were conflicting and such a trip would be impossible…

Impossible, that is, unless he called off work. He wanted to call off, and historically he had, many, many times for reasons as nonexistent as eh. Unfortunately because of this he was on “final warning”, which is all the more impressive considering he works at Borders.

So Jaimie called off instead, proffering the age-old nosebleed excuse (which I suppose holds more validity in the garment business). While Matty slaved away at the book store, we frolicked through the outdated exhibits at Adler Planetarium.

Such is life.

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