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Dagon goes for a drive.



Having a pet can greatly impede one’s global mobility.

I, for one, would never stick a dog in a kennel or boarding house just so I could take a vacation. My parents tried that once when I was little, and my mom and I spent the entire trip in tears, worrying about Cap. I have no friends capable of caring for another living thing (most of them can’t even care for themselves), and flying is impractical as checking a dog with the luggage can be just as traumatic.

Of course, I knew this in advance, which is why I have been very consciously acclimating Dagon to the car, taking him with me on errands whenever possible, and watching films like Vanishing Point and Bullitt.

The first week or so of this he panted and whimpered, but now he’s a road warrior. “Wanna go for a drive?” prompts enthusiastic barks and tail gesticulations. When I open the door he jumps right in and quickly inspects the entire car for monsters, food, garbage, and toys, and while driving he expertly bounces between the front and back seats so as to stick his head out of the window with the best view.

Next summer we’ll take a proper cross-country roadtrip, so stay tuned.

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