A comic about life, love, death, and anticipation, in about three colors.
He calls me "buddy". I'm not his buddy! It drives me crazy! AH!!! You're getting way too worked up over this. I highly doubt he intends it tobe condescending. "Buddy" isjust a term of address, like amigo, bro, dude, man, friend, pal,partner, love, dear, chief, sister,honey, sweetie, sugar, baby, mate,compadre, hombre, doll, pie, jefe,son, stranger, handsome, kiddo,mac, buster, bucko, slugger, chief,er, I already said that, um... sir,ma'am, buckeroo, dollface, kid,brother, father, mother, mama,beautiful, gorgeous, good-lookin',sweetness, chap, maestro, shooter,sporto, soldier, shortie, hun, killer,drifter, wisenheimer, ugo, major,captain, boss, slick, Joe, grumpy,sleepy, bashful, and the otherdwarfs, wizard, wonder, hero,duchess, prince, princess, mister,missus, miss, bub, grandpa, geezer,grandma, sonny, boy, girl, child... Asdfjkl...

The Conversation


There is not typically a (discernible) pattern to my thinking, and conversations thus bounce from Elizabeth Báthory to Muppet Babies without skipping a beat.

There are occasions, however, when I get stuck on a word game of my own devising, and no matter how obnoxious it becomes, I helplessly plow deeper and deeper into it.

If, for example, someone says, “She was… well, um…” I am left no choice but to spit out all of the adjectives in my vocabulary, however logically inappropriate they may be: grisly, Canadian, contemptuous, beautiful, decapitated…

Call me sometime.

Please rotate your tiny device.