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What?! Bettie Page died?! AH! *Diesel Sweeties* Bettie Page died! You didn't tell me? I had tohear it from a comic! A comic! Here I've beenliving for weeks as if the world was still turning... You're supposed to take the brunt of the newsand filter the few worthwhile shards down to me.If you can't manage that, we're through. ... Cynthia and I don't have a TV either.

The Notorious Bettie Page 1


The news is comprised of roughly three things: squirrels on skis, disasters, and gossip. All of it is garbage. Squirrels are rats with fuzzy tails. Disasters are short-lived fads. Gossip is, well, gossip.

I haven’t watched or followed the news (in any medium) for several years. Why would I need to? Information that I need to know magically trickles down to me. Somehow.

In the case of Bettie Page, it took a week, and my usual sources all failed me. I had to learn about it from Diesel Sweeties.

The news may be garbage, but it is still embarrassing to learn about it from a comic.

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