I suppose I do have weird dreams. It's hard to explain just exactly what the personification of the Verb King looked like, and why I felt the need to heckle his highness for supporting the continuous/progressive tense.

In real life, it is my favorite tense. It injects a sense of immediacy and relevance into the sentence, and if life gets boring, such verbs can be used instead as adjectives. All apologize, Verb King.

For the most part, my dreams are one-off adventures, but there are perhaps two recurring themes that may be of interest to any readers specializing in psychoanalysis:

  1. I tend to get into a lot of fights with determined midgets and small children. They are like cartoon fights, really. I'll grab them and throw them away, only to have them bounce back and resume the fruitless attack. It's quite tiring, actually.
  2. I lose a lot of teeth, though not because of fighting midgets and small children. They just wiggle out of their sockets, which is rather disconcerting.