Black Sheep

The first dogfriend Dagon made was a poodle-ish thing called Mr. Chew. When they met, they were about the same size, and both liked to run around, so Joan (Mr. Chew's owner) and I encouraged them, hoping against hope they'd manage to tire each other out, which of course never happened.

We noticed early on that Dagon had invented a curious game: he'd pick up the end of Mr. Chew's leash and pull him to some predetermined location. At first I thought it was a variation on tug-of-war, but it became apparent his herding instincts had kicked in.

For instance, Mr. Chew has the tendency to get bored and wander off. When he leaves the main plot of lawn, Dagon grabs the leash and drags him back.

They don't play much any more, as Dagon has doubled in size and poodles are, well, prissy.