Call Northside 777

Well, there you have it, a sibling emerges from the shadows.

Jamie is five years my junior. We look pretty much the same, boy/girlness aside, but as people we couldn't be more different.

For one, she's in school and actually might finish.

She doesn't have my irrational disdain for everything new. She has an iPod. Her friends have iPods. They play videogames, new ones. They probably have MySpace pages too.

It's almost as if she enjoys being young.

She also knows how to work a phone, particularly call-waiting. Such things are utterly beyond me. If I don't answer, I'm not around. Call back or die is my motto.

Anyway, I called her the other day and after a few minutes of awkward news exchange she was alerted to the existenZ of another caller and placed me on hold. More than half an hour later she clicked back over and exclaimed, "Wow! You've actually been holding this whole time?" Then she said she had to go and do some homework.

So it goes.

Update 2008.03.25

Jamie writes, "I actually remembered from looking at that comic that I don't have a MySpace and I cut my hair very short…"