Death Becomes Her

How foolish we are, forgetting websites live and die as do the stars. Some shine brightly and burn out quickly, while others seem to meander with dull luminosity throughout geological time.

I had hoped that with age it would become easier, that the "server not found" notification would, through repetition, become less sorrowful.

It has not.

With the sudden urge to track down the French collector's edition DVD set of Killing Zoe, I turned to an old friend, Xtreme Cinema, only to discover their page had been taken over by the brazen advertisements of a ruthless domain squatter.

I was devastated.

I re-checked the site daily, hoping for some miraculous resurrection. After a week of fruitless optimism, it occurred to me the store was actually called "Xploited Cinema". I retyped the address and it came up, alive and well.

It just goes to show, one should never abandon hope so long as stupidity watches thoughtfully from the shadows.