Dagon woke me up at 7AM so we could go for a walk. A typical start to the day. Atypically, a woman and a "blue" cattle dog crossed the horizon.

This bizarro version of Dagon was the same size and build and matched his mannerisms with startling accuracy. His coloring, however, was as different as can be: swirls and splotches of grey and black and white akin to Mr. Stitch.

Dagon and I sat, unmoving, watching the dog until it turned a corner and disappeared from sight.

How does that song go?

I wish I had an evil twin,
Running 'round doing people in.
I wish I had a very bad,
And evil twin to do my will,
To cull and conquer, cut and kill.
Just like I would,
If I weren't good,
And if I knew where to begin.