Everything Counts

As mentioned in the previous post, I was hit particularly hard with comic block this week. It wasn't until I switched to an all Depeche Mode playlist that I was able to sit down and get some work done.


It is only now, as I write this, that I realized I have subconsciously acted on the suggestion by Michael Bloch to include a Gazoo-esque character to spice up introspective moments, an idea which I thought (and still think) is incredibly stupid. Gazoo was for the Flintstones was Scrappy was for Scooby Doo and Seven was for Married With Children.

I prefer to think the fairy is a bit deeper than all that. After all, a comic about comic block should repeat ideas (or in this case, a character). Right? Right. I'm awesome.

Scholarly types will no doubt argue the significance of the fairy. Some will contend she is representative of my hopes, dreams, and desires. Others may consider her a muse, a guardian, symbolic of the inner voice that emerges only when straddling the line between normalcy and insanity, productivity and devastation.

Though really she could just be the manifestation of my affinity for WW II-era pinup art.