I Shot Andy Warhol

It is said Death comes in many forms. In truth, Death has but a single tangible incarnation: the sterility of a blank, white wall.

Since man was born of mud, he has bedaubed his surroundings with everything from paint to posters to wallpaper to animal hides in an attempt to eliminate this lifeless scourge.

I, for one, have done my part. I have painted random walls black, covered others floor-to-ceiling in collages of posters and signs and flat trinkets, yet even with this there was still one disturbing void in my living room, an affront to my sensibilities.

So I set aside a day for arts and crafts. With the help of The Rasturbator I was able to cover the entire wall, edge to edge, with billions of tiny black dots which cumulatively form a frame from the movie Brazil.

I now have a wall the envy of the craftster world, and as such, decided it should be in a comic. Naturally, I'm an idiot and it took fucking forever to draw. Haha.