Las Hurdes 1

Hoping a book I had ordered from Amazon came in, I checked the mailbox. No book, but I did find a nice and threatening letter from the management company. It was a five-day notice, dated six days earlier:

Your failure to pay rent or quit the premises within five (5) days, or your failure to contest this notice, may result in the landlord applying to the Justice of the Peace of Las Vegas Township for an Eviction Order. The Justice of the Peace may thereupon issue an order directing the Constable to remove you within twenty-four (24) hours after the receipt of the Eviction Order.

It seemed I was once again the comical victim of circumstance, a role in which I am by now feeling rather comfortable.

This misadventure will unfold over the next couple issues. As a present to you, dear reader, I'll post an MP3 excerpt of the conversation I had with the leasing office at the end. Haha.