Last Splash

Update: 2020/02/01
The Joe Brainard's Pyjamas blog is no longer available, but the PCT comic it was referencing is alive and well here.

Oh the internet… Haha.

Personally, I love nudity. All nudity. Nude is beautiful, and even when it's not, it's still fun. I am always game for a strip club expedition, regardless of the class or orientation of the establishment. I mean, really, nudity!

When I first started the comic, I wasn't sure what the eventual market would be. I decided, for some reason, that it should be more or less print-friendly. I've kept the profanity down, and unfortunately, drawn exactly zero breasts and zero penises.

I say "for some reason", because my various projects have always bordered on the offensive. I was nearly suspended in high school for an art project entitled Gratuitous Sex With an Elephant, Starring Adam Sandler. Of course, it wasn't about having sex with an elephant. Art is subjective. I was merely taking a position on the state of modern comedy.

At any rate, the next issue will really take place in a bathtub. It's been too long.