Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Puppies are virtually indestructible. They can fall off buildings, run into walls, eat electrical cords, lick feet, tackle wild boars, all with little pause or concern.

Dagon likes to chew on pinecones. Unfortunately, as I discovered the other morning, he also likes to eat them. At about 6:00 AM I awoke to some hacking sounds and doggie vomit. While cleaning it up, I found shards of wood and pinecone… things that are, well, not good to pass through one's system, regardless of direction.

For the better part of the morning I was unable to coax Dagon into eating or drinking anything and I started to worry. As it should happen, we already had an appointment with the vet scheduled (puppy vaccinations), so I bumped up the time and we left early.

Then without warning, a few blocks from the clinic, he fully rebounded. He walked through the doors as a perfectly healthy, happy, fuzzy ball of energy.

Clever trick, but he still had to get his vaccinations.