Happy holidays! And by "holidays", of course, I mean Saturnalia.

I'm not a religious person, and neither are most of my friends. But among those that are, there is little agreement on what exists behind the scenes, or at least, the nomenclature and protocol that should be followed to appease it.

For a while, I'd send my Jewish friends Christmass cards, and vice versa, but Christmass is not a religious holiday (or at least not of the religion that claims it), and neither for that matter is Hanukkah, really.

So it was decided a few years ago a better envelope (than generic, political correctness, e.g. holidays) was needed for the occasion, and thus Saturnalia was resurrected.

Gifts are made and exchanged among family and friends. And in the event any of the participants own slaves, they are freed for the duration and waited on by their masters in a show of appreciation.