Necessary Illusions

It is queer that both (real) parties are running on a platform of change. Massive change. Monumental change. The people are ready for change, evidently. Unfortunately, democracy by nature retards change.

If change is anything more than a monosyllabic buzzword, we need a dictator, preferably a fickle one. Or better still, we need an endless string of dictators backed by fractured, corrupt regimes, plotting and battling each other for supremacy.

Once it is ceded the above scenarios are silly and undesirable, we are left with the realization that immediate, significant change is impossible. In electing a leader we must choose instead between the trivial differences in policy… which are what, exactly?

Both candidates are so exceptionally generic I'm hard-pressed to find any. The only distinctions are superficial: Palin is squeaky; Obama has big ears; McCain is old; Biden is less old.


I voted for the tall one.