Once Upon a Time in China 2

First off, I apologize to those readers out there who can't read simplified Chinese.

Secondly, I apologize to those readers who can but can't make out my chicken scratch.

I am fascinated by congestion. I am unequivocally drawn to city living. There aren't any real cities in northern California, but at least the Chinatown in San Francisco is chaos incarnate.

The only thing better than pushing your way through the foot traffic is trying to maneuver a vehicle down the one-way streets and up the mountainous inclines, battling royale with pedestrians and taxis and parcel trucks.

That is living!

Flash forward a few years and I've found myself living in Las Vegas. The real estate is cheaper, so I have more room and a kitchen, and the strip is kind of crowded some times. But damn it, I miss the contemptuous Vietnamese coffee shops and triad fist fights and hanging duck window displays.

After this, I think I may be done touring America. I was considering hitting up Europe next, but as they continue to pass heavy smoking bans, I may have to skip right on over to Asia. Hong Kong suits me just fine.