Ah, those were the days…

And they still are, actually.

I was lost in a superstore the other week and found myself in a magical aisle, frozen in time since my boyhood. In it, I found dinosaur egg soap! Of course I bought some.

Dinosaur egg soap is a wonderful invention. It is soap, and it is shaped like an egg, and inside is a plastic dinosaur. Well, usually. Sometimes you get burned and end up with a Permian synapsid or a pterosaur. But most of the time, it is indeed a dinosaur.

The hardest part is waiting. The stupid soap is still a bar of soap, which doesn't just disappear after a single bath. Or a dozen baths, for that matter. As a boy, I learned that it would disappear faster if I let it soak in the tub for a couple hours.

As a man, I have confirmed this still works, though I still had to take about ten baths before my prize was revealed: a parasaurolophus-looking hadrosaur.

Life is beautiful sometimes.