The Carpenter

I have terrible luck with electronics that use proprietary rechargeable batteries. In fact, I'd say I am cursed. Usually I get one or two normal cycles, followed by exponentially decreased performance, until a day later it ceases to function.

There are only two exceptions to this that come to mind. One was my cellphone, which no longer exists, and the other is my most recent electric shaver, though to be truthful it has never had to run off battery for any duration longer than a shave.

I had a power drill, Black & Decker, lifetime guarantee and all that. It worked fine for a day, then ever after I'd have to charge it for a couple hours prior to use, after which I'd be able to screw perhaps five screws. Eventually, it stopped working altogether.

Dagon broke two of the legs off my makeshift coffee table, and in a fit of industriousness, I decided to fix it. I purchased a new power drill, Black & Decker, lifetime guarantee and all that. I cracked it open, pulled out the instructions, and found it takes 18 hours to charge.

18 hours! Damnation!

While there are in fact still about 24 hours in a day, it will easily be another month before I find myself in the mood to construct.