The Game

Lately I have been watching and re-watching the James Bond movies. All of them. As a side effect of this bombardment, I've been wanting to play Goldeneye on N64. "I should just buy the system again," I thought to myself, but after examining my monitor, I realized it doesn't have A/V inputs.

This came up in conversation with a friend from the dog park, and he suggested I just play it on my computer via an emulator, but I had already considered and dismissed the idea because the Nintendo JoyPad is vital for that particular game. Then he dropped a bombshell: USB adapters are manufactured for N64 and other systems.


"Yes. Check eBay."

Which I did, with instant success.

Emulation has always been amazing as it places literally every game ever right at your fingertips. Historically the only tick against it was the inability to use the original console controllers. So much for that now!

I was also able to locate an adapter for NES, thus closing a chapter of "what if's" I had opened decades before.

Life is good sometimes.