The Parallax View

So as it turns out, this is a great example of why I avoid current events. I didn't think this was an event. I thought I was safe.

Thinking makes an ass of you an me. Er…

As mentioned previously, comics are made in advance. I can't trust myself to sit down and be funny on any sort of set schedule. It just isn't realistic.

This picture came into my possession on Monday 07 April, and the comic was finished the following day. Then on Friday 11 April, CNN ran a bullshit heehaw story on this very photo. The earliest you could possibly be reading this text is Monday 14 April, the comic's publication date. The world will assume this is based on the CNN story. The world will be wrong.

Anyhoo, see the spicy photo for yourself at right.

Looks like una chica desnuda, no? That was certainly my first impression. And for the life of me I couldn't think of any other reason he'd be smiling.

I figured "fishing trip" was CIA code for "lascivious abuses of power". But, after examining the image in greater detail, it did indeed turn out to be a fish.

How could I know?