The Shop on Main Street

I've gotten reasonably comfortable in the desert. I have a two-bedroom apartment, a fake job, and a casino in my backyard.

I decided it was high time to complicate my life.

It's a well-known fact that everything fuzzy is adorable, which makes critter shopping a difficult process. Nonetheless I managed to visit three different places in a single afternoon, before I found my roommate: a nameless 2.5-month-old Australian Cattle dog.

A cute Irish girl, Selena, setup an introduction for us in a little cubicle. The fuzzy floppy cutie jumped and waddled in precious puppy fashion and I knew there would be no turning back. Selena went over his history and read some information about the breed from a guide book, which the puppy tried to eat.

Several forms and a few zillion dollars later we (the puppy and I) hopped in the car and drove toward destiny.