Told You So

I don't believe in Italy, not as an entire country anyway. I do recognize the existenZ of Roma, but that's it; everything else is simply the remnants of the Macedonian empire.

Spaghetti? I hear you ask. Roma. The Mafia? Sicily. Asia Argento? My dreams. I'm sorry to say, but Italy doesn't exist. And insofar as obnoxious languages are concerned, Italian is second only to French in its unpronounceability. But then, what do you expect from a country that doesn't exist? It's like reading Tolkien.

At least in this one instance, I was correct. Gnocchi is pronounced nyo-kee. I will cling to this victory during the next few weeks while so-called Italians send me death threats and hatemail.

And in other news, I'm done naming comics after Depeche Mode songs for a while. Haha.