A comic about life, love, death, and Björk, in about three colors.
Homeward, let your spirit rise, Darling, I'm waiting for you,Homeward, one step at a time,Homeward, watch it like a child,When will I reach the ocean,I'm filled with mixed emotion,I'll wait for you,I'll wait for you... *type* *type* Asdfjkl!!! I hate Kenny Loggins!!! ...

Danger Zone 1


Can you really, honestly hate someone you’ve never met? I admit, I toss around statements like, “I hate Steven Soderbergh” or “I hate Julia Roberts” frequently. I suppose I don’t really hate them so much as their contributions, or lack thereof, to popular culture.

It is superficial to condemn a person based on a single dimension of their character. I have many acquaintances that violently differ from me in one or another aspect (religion, politics, etc.), but the relationships are easily maintained by focusing on the shared attributes. Likewise, I’m sure if I got to know Steven Soderbergh, I’d find he’d make an excellent badminton partner.

But goddamn I hate Kenny Loggins.

I hate him so much I have to spread the topic across three comics.

Oh, and if you’re curious, the doggerel in this comic is from Leap of Faith, ©1991 Columbia.

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