A comic about life, love, death, and Peaches, in about three colors.
*nibble* *chomp* I've seen a lot of things, thingsthat would have been impossibleto see living in any other era.It's hard sometimes to think ofsomething I haven't seen, orcouldn't see even if I wanted to. Nothing shocking. Asdfjkl... ...

The Place of Dead Roads 1


Google is awesome and taken completely for granted. In about a decade we have amassed a catalog of all human experience and knowledge, intricately indexed and cross-referenced so that any bit may be called up on command. Naked pictures of a celebrity? Sure. Naked pictures of a celebrity having sex with a sheep? Sure. Videos of kids hitting aerosol cans with bats and subsequently catching on fire? Sure.



Except, that is, what comes next. I haven’t yet decided the subject(s) of the “things I’ve never seen but sure exist(ed)” issue(s). We’ll just have to see.

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